"PACHINKO LUCKY-CLUNE X" is the hand beat type pachinko game application which adds original consecutive jackpot function to "I PATSU DAI".
If the ball enters into the outermost hole in the center, it is to be jackpot and the attacker in the bottom will open to obtain the more balls out.
At most 99 balls may enter into the attacker. It is to be consecutive jackpot if the jackpot is obtained again on jackpot time. The counter of attacker is reset and at most 99 balls may enter for one more time.
You can choose "NOMAL MODE" without PLAYOUT or "CHALLENGE MODE" to vie for balls form start to end of the first jackpot.

Set up:

Balls of the first stage are 125, no play out. The number of hold balls can be adjusted by "SETTING".
Bonus balls are 13, no ranking register.

Balls of the first stage are 125. Game will be clear at the end of the jackpot.
(In the case of consecutive jackpot, the game will continue until the end of consecutive jackpot).
The number of hold balls can not be adjusted. Bonus balls are 13, The amount of balls held is registered into ranking when game clear.


Flip the lever to throw the ball. Method of flying is changed with angle.
Press the Menu bottom to open the menu screen, make volume setting, or quit the game.

When you click the AppStore button Please download iTunes when the error goes out.