"PACHINKO 9-EAGLE X" is an unprecedented new pachinko game application which adds the hand beat function to reproduce pachinko "HANEMONO DAI".


Flip the lever to throw the ball, then the wings in the center will open when the ball enters the chukkas at the bottom. It is to be "Jackpot" if the ball enters into the "V zone" in the center when the wings open.
The wings open 18 times every round. It steps to the next round for the ball enters into the "V Zone" when the wings open. It lasts 9 rounds at most for one "Jackpot".
At the last round, when the wings open for the 18th time, "Jackpot" is obtained one more time if the ball enters into the "V zone".

Set up:

Balls of the first stage are
125---short Mode
250---Long Mode
and 9 or 3 bonus balls.
Once a day free play on each mode. From the second time, use 1 ticket on short Mode and 2 tickets on Long Mode


Flip the lever to throw the ball. Method of flying is changed with angle.
Press the Menu button to open the menu screen, make volume setting, or quit the game.
Push "GAME EXIT" to register into ranking when game over.
Push "PAUSE" to quit the game and game can be resumed.

When you click the AppStore button Please download iTunes when the error goes out.