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Yahoo!mobage Weekly ranking No. 6
(17 Januray 2022)

The classic mahjong tile puzzle 'TILE-MATCHING'is now available for 3 players! !
Have fun competing with players from all over the country!♪
The way you connect the tiles changes your score!
Furthermore, the speed with which you clear the game will earn you a 'time bonus'! ?
Get a high score and win! !

Distribution site:
Yahoo!Mobage(PC) Mobage(SP) gesoten(PC/SP) mixi(PC/SP) hangame(PC) hangame(SP) DMM(PC/SP)

mixi game Overall ranking No.1!
(July 7, 2017)

Kitty Puzzles is now available! Become a 'master' and raise a "kitty".♪
The rules and controls are simple, just swap the cats on the screen and put three of the same kind in a row!
Try to score as many points as possible and push yourself and your cat to the limit!♪

Distribution site:
Yahoo!Mobage(PC) mixi(PC) gesoten(PC) hangame(PC) niconico(PC)

Mahjong Magical School
New two-player mahjong with a magical touch!
Play mahjong and get to know your partner!♪
The game is unexpectedly loaded.♪
Use your spells and try to get a Yakuman! !

Distribution site:

A new game of Hanafuda ’Koi Koi‘ is now available!
This is the beginning of a passionate battle of ’Koi Koi‘...
Introducing the hierarchy system! Win the competition and become the highest ranking ‘Flower Saint’!

Enjoy the exciting game of ‘Koi Koi’!
Get useful items for your first registration!

Distribution site:
Yahoo!Mobage(PC) mixi(PC) gesoten(PC) hangame(PC) my GAMECITY(PC)

Yahoo!mobage Weekly female ranking No. 10
(23 October 2021)

The new card game ’FreeCell‘ is now available for 3 players!
Two bonuses are the key to victory:
the 'combo bonus' for chaining and the 'time bonus' for speedy clearing!
Use your original 'combos' to win! !

Plenty of hidden mode? !
What happens when an Angel or Devil appears? !
Sign up and get a great set of items!

Distribution site:
Yahoo!Mobage(PC) mixi(PC) gesoten(PC) hangame(PC)

Solitaire Rambles
A journey through the world's heritage in solitaire♪
Around the World Stamp Rally to collect ‘World Heritage Items’!

It's up to the dice to decide where to go and what to expect when you get there!
Solve solitaire and enjoy the adventure!♪

Distribution site:

New 3-player puzzle game!
Anyone can play "Easy" and "Easy" to combo.
A new kind of real time battle where you can think as you play!

Have fun with lovely vegetables!♪
All you have to do is sign up and you'll get some great offers!

Distribution site:
mixi(PC) gesoten(PC) hangame(PC)

Yahoo!mobage Weekly ranking No. 8
(10 November 2021)
Yahoo!mobage Weekly women's ranking No. 7
(5 December 2016)

A new competitive puzzle game!
Place three cute vegetables in a row to make them disappear.
Easy to play, combo by combo♪
Sweeping the country!

Distribution site:

Yahoo!mobage Weekly ranking No.2
(16 July 2014)
mixiOverall ranking No. 2
(November 11 2014)

Solitaire is now available as a competitive game!
Simple rules & simple controls! Let's have fun with everyone in the country!♪
The stage is from 'Ten stage ' to the highest 'KING'.
You'll get a secret gift when you rank up.☆

Distribution site:
Yahoo!Mobage(PC) mixi(PC) gesoten(PC) hangame(PC) niconico(PC) DMM(PC)