Game development and management Game Localisation Development experience

Game development and management

Game development with a wide range of experience and a good grasp of know-how

We develop for a variety of platforms, from consumer to native apps and HTML5 browser games.
We can develop and operate our own software as well as outsource the development to contractors.

Game development and management
・HTML5 browser game development and management
・Native app game development and management
・Consumer game development and management

From game planning to development and operation, you can complete the whole process in-house.
We have been running various productions for a long time, some of which have been enjoyed by our users for 7 years.

Contract development services
・Programming contract development support
・Contract design and development

With our experience in development, we are able to offer a wide range of contract development services on request.
We challenge ourselves to develop new games every day and will do our best to handle any project.

If you have a contract development project, we'd love to hear from you!

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